By Paula Lidy


In a personal interview with Roger prior to the memorial service, he reminisced about his uncle.

"He really liked living in Southern California," Roger said. "Dorothy and he moved in 'the early 90,s to Washington. There really wasn't a reason; they had been up there and liked it.

"They bought property near the water, which Uncle Burl loved,' Roger said "He could sit at his window and watch the ships go by.

"The last time I was out to see him, we were talking about his folks, my grandma and grandpa, and Burl always did call his Dad Big-Un-- like Big One," Roger said.

"He had a picture of his Dad on his bathroom mirror, and every morning he said that he would get up and pal him (the photo) and sty 'Good morning Big-Un' --- every morning.

"When he spoke, you listened," Roger said. "He told me a story one time that still gives me cold chills and makes tears come to my eyes," Roger said. "He said, 'Rog, there were two brothers; one was really outgoing, chased the girls and all, and the other was quiet, withdrawn.

"'When they got married, the quiet one said that the first day his son went off to school, he followed him to school to see if he'd mix with the other kids. "Rog, your dad said he took one look at you and knew you would be OK at school,"' Roger said.

"That story meant a lot to me when he told me," Roger said.

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