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Baker's Hawk (1976)

Category: Action/Adventure
Director: Lyman Dayton
Cast: Clint Walker
Diane Baker
Burl Ives
Lee Montgomery
Alan Young
Taylor Lacher
Run Time: 98 (mins)
Rating: G
Distributor Name: Thompson Productions, Inc.
Country: United States


Hugo the Hippo (1976)

Category: Musical
Cast: Marie Osmond
Burl Ives
Paul Lynde
Robert Morley
Run Time: 90 (mins)
Rating: G
Distributor Name: CBS/Fox Video
Country: United States
Summary: Hugo the baby hippo finds many adventures as he struggles to survive in the big city of Zanzibar. Voices are Paul Lynde, Burl Ives, Robert Morley, Marie Osmond, and Jimmy Osmond.