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Last holiday here for Ives' decorations

The popular Christmas figures that have dotted the Oakes Avenue front yard of Dorothy the late Burl Ives will soon journey to a new home in Washington, D.C.

Burl and Dorothy Ives beloved 'Rudolph" Christmas figures are going on a long journey, not quite to the North Pole but near enough.
After this year. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Herbie the Dentist Elf, Yukon Cornelius, Sam the Snowman, the Misfit Toys and many more will be displayed not in Anacortes but at the Scottish Rite Temple in Washington, D.C. Ives was a devoted Mason and has been honored there before.
Eddie Strivens, hairdresser and creator of the popular Christmas figures, opined that "maybe (President) Clinton needs a little something on his lawn" when he found out about the move. More seriously, he's pleased but admitted, "I'm going to miss 'em."
Dorothy Ives said she has heard from many about the planned move to D.C., and she is concerned that folks will miss the popular annual display. She plans a new and "spectacular" Christmas exhibition next year in her front garden, but mum's the word on what it will be until December 1997.
The Masonic temple, on 17th Street in the nation's capital, already has most of Burl Ives' memorabilia Dorothy said, so this is a natural turn of events. The Christmas figures might even make a shorter trip across D.C. to Library of Congress.
Meanwhile, Dorothy encourages those who want to pictures with the Rudolph then do so now before they are put away on Jan.10. And if you wait until next Christmas to 5 new display, check out the Burl website, coming soon to your personal computer.




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