Burl at Brodniak

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     This video is Burl's last solo public appearance, one of his final public appearances.  A gift to a cause he believed in.  A gift received appreciatively and enthusiastically at a concert sold out before the advertising ink was dry.  At one with the audience, accompanied by the guitar that was ever a part of him, this concert is a mile stone in his unparalled career as a folk singer, actor, and entertainer.  Experiencing this display of gentle humanity, warmth, spontaneous humor and enormous talent brings words like "Hero", Legend" and "Bard" to mind.

     Of the original release of this video offering, there now remain less then 1500 units which we are proud to present through the Website.  When these remaining videos are sold they will become a part of the history and mystique of the Legendary Burl Ives.  Get your limited edition copy today!

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